If you have a light show up on your dashboard it can mean a number of things.

Most manufacturers adhere to international standards when it comes to warning lights.

You can think of them like traffic lights:

  • A RED warning light usually means something is seriously wrong with the vehicle and you should not continue to operate the vehicle.
  • An Orange warning light usually means that you can continue to operate the vehicle but that something needs to be corrected as soon as possible (an obvious example of this is the petrol warning light but there are many others)
  • Green (or Blue) lights are usually reserved to indicate the status of some operation of the vehicle – for example the headlights are on high beam.

Many motorists don’t realise that the explanation for their vehicles warning lights can be found in their vehicle handbook. The vehicle handbook contains a wealth of information about your car. If you don’t have your vehicle handbook or are unsure about the meaning of lights that appear on your dashboard then call us to make a time to book your car in for a service and we’ll take care of it for you.

Remember “When in doubt – have it checked out!”